NYFW Sept. 12th & 13th

In the midst of a fashion week it seems as if it’s the only thing that’s ever mattered and has ever happened; it’s as if real life doesn’t exist outside of the fashion industry. However, we all know very well that’s not true. So here we are- the end.The last two days of NYFW were just as exciting as the first two. On September 12th collections were shown from big name designers such as: Proenza Schouler, Michael Kors, and Marchesa.

(Proenza Schouler, SS2013 RTW)

I’m always excited every season to see what Proenza Schouler comes up with, and their SS2013 collection did not disappoint. This Proenza Schouler is obviously ahead of her time, edgy, and to be blunt- just really, really cool. Proenza Schouler did a nice job of working off of their fall/winter collection by continuing their use of boxier silhouettes. Metallics and vibrant colors were used and mixed with strong leather pieces as well which played into upcoming trends.From studs to graphic photo prints, details in the pieces are what made them unique and eye catching.   Overall, It’s clear that Proenza Schouler is definitely making their mark in the design world.

(Michael Kors, SS2013 RTW)

Michael Kors stayed true to his jet-set style with his SS2013 collection. The collection contained classic elements such as stripes with a modern twist. Cut-outs, bold color blocking, and hints of metallics, kept Kors super on trend for the upcoming season. Although the collection is very wearable, it was a tad safe. Depending on how you look it, that can either be a good or bad thing. However safe and commerciality, has generally proven to be a winning combination for Kors. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more high fashion in his collections and perhaps it’s something he’ll strive for next fall/winter.

(Marchesa, SS2013 RTW)

Marchesa took inspiration from Indian culture for their gorgeous SS2013 collection. Even with the large Indian influence, Marchesa still remained modern and fashion forward. As usual, every piece in the collection was made to perfection and rich with detail. Embroidered sandals, layers of sheer fabric, rich colors, and delicate lace, all worked together to create a collection that was memorable.

Last but certainley not least, NYFW ended without a hitch. Many impressive collections were shown including collections from: Rachel Zoe, Gant by Michael Bastian,  Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein.

(Rachel Zoe, SS2013 RTW)

Rachel Zoe presented a spring collection that emulated many vintage elements (a classic Zoe staple). Much like Zoe’s personal style the collection was full of wide-brim, floppy hats, maxi dresses, and jumpsuits. Strong black and white pieces were also mixed with shades of blue and other spring colors. I particularly enjoyed the belts in this collection as they provided an ability to carry small items and keep hands free while still remaining light and chic. Overall, I’ve always enjoyed the fact that Rachel Zoe’s collections are essentially Rachel Zoe; in other words she is her brand and vice versa and this spring collection just verifies this even more. She lives and breaths everything about this style, which is why I believe her pieces are so moveable and wearable. Their is an effortless glamorous aspect to her clothes, that can only be achieved when you truly understand what it is your creating.

(Gant by Michael Bastian, SS2013 RTW)

Never has clothing looked more comfortable and cool then as it does in the Gant by Michael Bastian SS2013 collection. Whether traveling, running errands, or having a chill day with friends, Gant SS2013 is perfect for any occasion.Earth tones and interesting prints encompass most of the pieces. The unexpected styling of mixing prints and textures  is one of the main components that make this collection so unique and desirable. It’s  put together just enough to be comfortable but interesting enough to still be highly fashionable; a combination, which unfortunately, is often impossible to find. Although the collection is primarily men’s wear, the women’s wear pieces are still feminine and flattering.

(Ralph Lauren, SS2013 RTW)

Ralph Lauren – I am at a loss for words. Ralph Lauren’s SS2013 collection is absolute perfection. Lauren’s classic American style was mixed with Spanish and Latin elements to create a striking collection. Vibrant prints and bold accent pieces with meticulous styling resulted in looks that were strong. Hats were also back in full force, with almost every look being topped with one. This large collection contained beautiful gowns and unique dress but my favorite pieces by far, were the suits and separates, specifically the tuxedo (pictured above). It’s very rare that women’s suits/tuxedos are done correctly. Most designers try to dress women like smaller versions of men, completely evading the fact that we’re not. Other than perhaps Anne Hathaway’s custom Lanvin tuxedo at the 2011 Oscar’s, this Ralph Lauren tuxedo is one of my favorites. With obvious influence from Spanish matadors, this piece is unique, feminine, and flattering. What more could you want?

(Calvin Klein, SS2013 RTW)

Always a favorite of mine, the minimalist Calvin Klein showed an impressive SS2013 collection. . I’ve always been slightly biased when it comes to Calvin Klein because personally, they’ve always fit my personal style extremely well; however, despite my bias, I think we can all agree that there are interesting elements to this collection that makes it a standout. Suddle yet sexy, Calvin Klein was cohesive and concise in the execution of their SS2013 collection. Interesting use of texture and interplay between various shapes added intrigue to pieces that are otherwise overtly simple. Versatility is a large part of fashion that is often over looked, which is something that makes Calvin Klein so refreshing. The looks were classy and feminine but when styled differently could most definitely be worn as edgier or more casual pieces. With that being said, I’m sure we’ll be seeing many celebrities rocking this collection in the upcoming months.

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