Detroit Fashion Week SS2013

When most people think of Detroit, fashion and style are hardly ever the first things to come to mind. Detroit is usually overlooked as a fashionable city and 9 times out of 10 when I tell people that I’m involved in anything to do with the Detroit fashion community, they’re completely surprised that there even is a Detroit fashion community. With that being said, most would assume that fashion events in Detroit would fly completely under the radar and make no impact in the community but that’s far from the truth. While Detroit may not have the same impact in the fashion industry as New York does just yet,  it doesn’t mean that it can’t or doesn’t have the talent to. Detroit, as a city, has slowly but surely been making it’s mark as a fashionable midwestern force and events like the most recent Detroit Fashion Week just exemplify this. DFW, under the direction of Brian Heath, just celebrated its 8th anniversary and I was fortunate enough to be involved in it.

(DFW @ Belle Isle Yacht Club)

The Detroit Fashion Week SS2013 showcases took place on September 26th and 29th at two of Detroit’s most classic locations: The Belle Isle Yacht Club and Detroit Princess Boat. Both of the venues were absolutely beautiful and aside from feeling slightly sea sick after the Detroit Princess Boat, completely enjoyable as well. From student designers, to accessory designers, and couture, each show contained a plethora of local talent, that unfortunately often goes unnoticed. With only the most fashionable show-goers in attendance, DFW was an opportunity for Detroiters to experience fashion and luxury during a night unlike any other. From bold prints at Diane Edgar, Odie King, and Diane Linston, classic silhouettes with modern twists at Lyudviga Couture, and Joyce Houston,and eclectic pieces at Camiella Jennay, Shawniqua Smith, and Maria Luna, Detroit Fashion Week showed a multitude of spring fashion trends. All designs were available for purchase and time after the shows allowed attendees to speak with designers about buying and ask them questions about their inspiration and design process.

(DFW on the Detroit Princess Boat)

Every major city has a fashion week but not every major city has a successful fashion week. Detroit Fashion Week’s attempts in bringing together local talent and professionals not only prove that Detroit Fashion Week is successful but that it is also helping the city find its voice in the fashion industry. Detroit Fashion Week may still be one of Detroit’s best kept secrets but I predict it won’t remain that way for much longer.

To view more pictures/read more about Detroit Fashion Week check out or head on over to my DFW PR Girl blog and twitter page .

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I used to live in Grand Rapids… Michigan is an awesome place. And sometimes the most stylish people come from the most unexpected of places!