Noteworthy #018: Warby Parker Palm Canyon Collection

True story: I intentionally failed my first eye exam when I was 9 years old.

Being the annoying trend setting kid that I thought I was, I felt it was necessary to jeopardize my 20/20 vision just to rock a pair of glasses. Despite how stupid this may seem, even at a young age, it was obnoxiously clear to me how fucking cool glasses were. Now, 21 years old and actually desperately needing glasses or contacts to clearly see anything more than six feet in front of me, I’m extremely aware of the power that a good pair of glasses can have both for my eyesight and style. From the way they frame a face, bring out eyes, and drastically alter the look of an entire outfit, glasses now are more than just a device used to see better but the ultimate accessory. With that being said, it’s because of reasons like this that I’m stupid excited about Warby Parker’s new Palm Canyon Collection.



Winston optical glasses & sunglasses

Reminiscent of getaway Don Draper, circa Season 2 of Mad Men, the limited edition Palm Canyon Collection is all about the warm weather vibe, which is obviously attractive given the polar vortex, or whatever, that’s taking place. At $145 a pair, Warby Parker has taken some of their classic frames – Winston, Duckworth, Preston, and Wheeler – and reinvented them by offering a new Palm Springs inspired palette in mesquite, acacia, ironwood and sand, and adding a hand mixed acetate insert at the end piece of each frame.

Available for both men and women, the Palm Canyon Collection is perfect for transitioning through the seasons. By bringing  a beachy vibe to cold weather looks, then complimenting the sun-kissed tans of spring and summer, these glasses with their practicality and sick design are the ultimate chic.


Preston optical glasses

As always, any frame can be tried on at home before purchase. Plus, for every pair that’s bought, Warby Parker gives a pair to a person in need, which obviously is a win for everybody.

The Palm Canyon Collection is currently available at as well as Warby Parker stores and showrooms.



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