Noteworthy #020: Shinola’s First Fashion Campaign

I was beyond stoked when I learned that Shionla, the Detroit based hand crafted watch, leather goods and bike brand, had released it’s first fashion campaign.

Shot by fashion photographer Bruce Weber,  the campaign is city centric and the brand’s infamous “all-American” vibe is extremely prevalent. The campaign captures striking photo and video as a diverse group of Detroiters photographed explore the city on Shinola bikes, sporting Shinola merchandise, gathering in Shinola shops and more.

Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 2.25.43 PM

However, being from Metro Detroit, perhaps the most amazing thing about this campaign,  aren’t how beautiful the images are but  it’s the campaign’s ability to truly capture the spirit of Detroit and how the people of the city inspire Shionla. These are the people that live, work, play, and love in Detroit and their stories are as interesting and special as the thought and time that is put into constructing the goods that come out of Shinola’s work room.

(“Detroit, the city that continues to call the world’s bluff.”)

The seemingly over-night popularity of the brand has helped cement something that I have known all along which is that Detroit has an eye for design and a strong sense of community. These two things, mixed together, are unstoppable when it comes to creativity and growth.

I first heard of Shinola a little over a year ago, and for me, personally, It’s been incredible experience to watch the brand rise from its small beginnings to the success it is now. As a fan of Shinola’s attention to design, detail and construction, the overall concept and final outcome of the campaign is a step in the right direction for a brand that will undoubtedly continue to grow.

To learn more about the campaign and purchase Shionla products please visit >>

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