Noteworthy #022: Maison Martin Margiela X Converse SS14

Let’s be real, it’s rare for somebody to say that something is “one of a kind,” and it not be an extreme over exaggeration or a cliche. However, when I say that the latest Maison Martin Margiela X Converse collaboration is one of a kind, I mean it in every sense of the phrase.

On sale now, the avant garde French fashion brand has teamed up with Converse, yet again, to create a truly one of a kind sneaker. Reminiscent of breaking in a pair of raw denim, the second installment of the Margiela X Converse sneaker collab, like the first one, allows the owner to create a unique design on the piece based on their wearing habits.  The exterior layer of the sneaker breaks off and crumbles to reveal a colorful undercoat the more wear and tear the sneaker endures.


 (Margiela X Converse SS14)

The sneakers will retail for around $300, and  based on the success of the last year’s collection, which sold out fairly quickly, they’re likely to go fast.However, unlike the last run (ha! shoe pun), which was made out of canvas, these sneakers will be made of leather, which obviously increases its durability and luxury status.  To add to their already evident charm, they will also be available in the Jack Purcell and Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s Hi silhouettes, making the selection even wider.

Needless to say, Margiela has had it’s collaborations on lock. Seriously. From a nostalgia driven collection with H&M a few seasons back, the 2013 Swarovski collaboration, and of course, last year’s sneaker line for Converse, Margiela has managed to bring its aesthetic to many audiences in a surprisingly organic and fashion forward way. Here’s to hoping they continue to do so.

The new Margiela X Converse collection is available now at select retailers and online.


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