Noteworthy #025: Fashion In Detroit 2014

This weekend I’ll be taking the 5.5 hour Greyhound trek from Chicago to Detroit to attend  Fashion In Detroit 2014. As many of you probably already know, I’m from the Metro Detroit so I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to head home for a weekend filled with local fashion, Coney Island and cuddling with my cat.

Fashion In Detroit 2012 was actually the very first fashion event I ever attended as a blogger. At the time I was representing myself under the blog name “Dysfunktion” (I don’t know…) and I had no idea what to expect. I stayed up super late the night before making home-made business cards and literally spent hours picking out an outfit. Prior to Fashion In Detroit 2012, I had been to my fair share of fashion shows and fashion-centric events, but it wasn’t until I was actually at the event and interacting with designers and other bloggers that I actually felt like this was something that I could not only do but be pretty decent at.


Gushy-nostalgic rant aside, I truly do believe that Fashion In Detroit is an important event worth going to and supporting, especially if you’re from Metro Detroit and you appreciate anything artistic/design oriented. Still on the fence? Below, I’ve compiled 5 reasons why you should go to Fashion in Detroit to make your decision a little easier.

1. Mix of Local and National Fashion

The lineup of designers include Somerset Collection (Kate Spade, Max Mara, Halston Heritage), and local designers: Fotoula Lambros Design, Lyudviga Couture, Motor City Design by Joe Faris and more. In total there’s looks from 12 different designers, so it’s clear that they take the “fashion” in “Fashion in Detroit” pretty seriously.

2. It’s Authentic Detroit 

All you die-hard Detroit fans out there will be happy to know that Fashion In Detroit is well, pretty, damn, Detroit. For one, the event, which is located at Soundboard in the MotorCity Casino, is actually in Detroit… so, there’s that. Plus the event is presented by project runway alum, Joe Faris, and automotive heavy-hitter, Dodge, because It’s not a Detroit event without a car sponsorship.

3. Live Music and Shopping

Jeff Gutt, former X-Factor contestant from Metro Detroit, will be performing at Fashion In Detroit, so for all you reality TV lovers there’s that. Lewis Hensley will also be performing at Market Detroit, a space set aside at Fashion in Detroit for selling made in Detroit products. Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, There’s an after party following the runway shows that will feature a ton of DJ’s and musicians.

4. Networking

There’s no better place to meet like-minded fashion people or network than at an event like Fashion In Detroit. There’s a little bit of down time between each runway show, which gives you an opportunity to chat with the people you’re there with as well as spark a conversation with your neighbors. Fashion In Detroit also has a few hashtags, #FID2014, #FashionINDetroit and #detroitfashion, which you can utilize to join in on the larger conversation.

5. Tickets are STILL available 

Worried you were too late to join in on the festivities? Don’t be. You can still buy tickets for Fashion In Detroit online now or at the door on the day of the event. There’s also tickets available for the after party following the finale.

Will you be attending the event? What collection are you most excited to see? Leave your comment below and be sure to say ‘hi’ if you see me!


Emma Klug started The Style Note in the fall of 2012. Her writing has been featured in DBusiness Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, Nothing Major, The Working Wardrobe, Chicago Talks, Inexpensive Chic, and The Wayne State University student paper: The South End. When she’s not writing you can find her eating pizza, binge-watching Netflix and working her day job as a magazine editor.


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