Q&A: “What colour blazer/jacket can be paired with a cobalt, ivory and black colour block pencil dress?”

Q: “Hi! Great job here! Pls what colour blazer/jacket can be paired with a cobalt, ivory black colour block pencil dress?? Thanks.”

– Dee

A: Hi, Dee! Thank you for your question. Cobalt is easily one of the most stunning colors this season. In fact, it was just voted as our readers favorite color of 2014. It’s vibrant, bold and up beat, which is undoubtedly very rare for typical fall/winter fashion. The fact that the dress your describing is color blocked with black and white just makes it more versatile for color pairings. Using the Colbalt & Ivory Dobby Colour Block Pencil Dress from The Iconic as inspiration, here are several directions you can take when styling…

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ASOS Premium Blazer with Collar Detail

This mustard-yellow blazer from ASOS is undoubtedly an eye catcher. Even on its own the blazer draws commands a presence. Given that blue and yellow/orange are positioned across from one another on the color wheel, mustard yellow can be considered complimentary to cobalt blue. Keep in mind, complimentary color combinations are extremely bold. You will make a statement when you pair the two together, so if you’re cool with that then by all means go for it. A couple more colors that would look great with your dress, if you’re trying to make a bold statement are: orange and orange red.

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Chico’s Knit Drape Front Moto Jacket


To create a more chic look, you could pair your dress with a teal blazer or jacket, like the Knit Drape Front Moto Jacket from Chico’s. This jacket is obviously incredibly fashion forward with its draped front and textured design. However, it’s the color of the jacket that makes it a prime choice for your cobalt dress. It may seem a little silly/and or mismatched to pair teal with cobalt blue, but the two actually look incredibly sharp together and blend nicely. Cobalt and Teal are extensions of one another in a way as they’re both members of the cooler side of the color spectrum and when paired together form a sort of monochromatic look. Pairing this jacket with your color block dress will create a harmonious look that’s in sync and super stylish. A couple more colors you can try to achieve a look similar to this one are: lilac and navy blue.


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H&M Gray Jersey Blazer

If you don’t like either of the previous options, you can always go with a neutral. This blazer from H&M is extremely versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything in your closet. A lighter gray jacket/blazer would look tremendous when paired with the bright cobalt in your color block dress. Because it’s not so “in your face,” it lets the cobalt take center stage. Pair it with some sleek silver jewelry for an office look and some eclectic mixed metal pieces and it’s perfect for a night out. If you like the neutral look but aren’t a fan of this gray, try pairing it with a steel gray, black or sandy brown.

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Thanks, this helps a lot. Funny thing is you replied my question on my birthday!