Color Theory: Dried Herb

Pantone seems to be on a kick with colors that remind us of food, and we’re totally okay with that. They recently released their full palette of colors for Fall 2015,  and our current favorite from the list is Dried Herb. It doesn’t sound that fancy, and that’s because it honestly isn’t. Dried Herb is grungy, earthy, tough, natural, and the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Needless to say, Dried herb is a good go-to color for a lot of reasons, and we’re prepared to to break it down for you in this month’s Color Theory post.

dried-herb I

Yet, before we get into any complex color schemes, let’s take a moment to get back to basics with the monochromatic color scheme (pictured above). Dried Herb is a super diverse color when you break it down into its various shades.

Using the monochromatic color scheme is a great source of inspiration for throwing together an easy Dried Herb look, whether you want to pair several shades of it together or mix and match with other colors. Remember, if you are going to just stick to Dried Herb, play with textures and silhouette so you don’t look like a big Dried Herb blob.

Complementary Color Scheme

dried-herb I

Based off the color wheel, this darker shade of purple (we’ll call it plum) is the other half of the Dried Herb complementary color scheme. This combination is simple, and straightforward, just like a complementary color combination should be.

dried-herb I

Balmain FW14

To get the most out of this combination, let the bolder shades play off the lighter ones. For example, the runway look from Balmain (above) mixes the darker plum color with lighter shades of Dried Herb, and the result is quite striking and dimensional.

Outfit Suggestions:

1. Dried Herb jumpsuit + strappy light plum heels

2. Plum A-line dress + Dried Herb Army jacket

3. Dried Herb trousers + pastel plum pullover sweater

Triad Color Scheme

dried-herb I

Spicing up the color combination a little more, the triad color scheme pairs dried herb with a lighter shade of the plum and a lighter navy hue. The pastel options in this color combination are incredibly striking, especially when paired with the more pure versions of each of the colors.

dried-herb I

Creatures of The Wind FW13

Mixing the bold shades of each color together can create an incredibly graphic outfit; The look above from Creatures of The Wind is a prime example of this. This intense top, containing a geometric navy and plum print, pairs nicely with the simple Dried Herb pencil skirt.

Outfit Suggestions:

1. Navy shift dress + Dried Herb jacket + dark plum flats

2. Navy cargo pants + Dried Herb oversized vest + light plum sweater

3. Dried Herb mini skirt + boxy navy blue T-Shirt + plum belt

Tetrad Color Scheme

dried-herb I

Now THIS is a color scheme where you can get really creative. Bust out the prints, and incorporate as many colors as you can from this combination into your outfit to fully enhance Dried Herb. With so many earthy tones represented in this combination, this is a great chance to play with florals.

dried-herb I

Valentino FW14

This gown from Valentino Fall RTW, is absolutely gorgeous, and combines a significant amount of colors from the tetrad color scheme Dried Herb combination. Keep in mind, minimal makeup and accessories are best for an outfit with such an overwhelming amount of color.

Outfit Suggestions:

1. Floral print pants + Dried Herb heels + navy loose-knit sweater

2. Light green tank top + Dried Herb leather jacket + dark navy jeans + dark plum beanie

3. Navy (chambry) button-up shirt dress+ Dried Herb cardigan + floral scarf

Accented Analogic Color Scheme

dried-herb I

Giving a slightly more sophisticated approach to Dried Herb, this color combination primarily consists of variations of greens and browns with a plum color to accent it. This combination is the most versatile and a great tool for creating well-rounded looks.

dried-herb I

Richard Chai Love FW15

Color blocked garments are a great way to incorporate multiple colors into one look without going over the top. This Dried Herb and gray toned jacket with light brown fur lining is modern and sleek. The pastel plum piece underneath it gives a pop of color to the outfit and keeps it fresh for spring.

Outfit Suggestions:

1. Dried Herb skinny jeans + light Dried Herb oversized T-Shirt + plum leather jacket

2. Dark Dried Herb maxi dress + dark plum heels

3. Dried Herb button up shirt-dress + Dried Herb flats + Light Plum waist-cinching belt

More Dried Herb Inspiration

There are A TON of colors you can pair with Dried Herb. Like, A TON. Oranges, reds, blues, pinks, you name it, there’s probably a way to wear it with Dried Herb. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the outfits below.


How do you plan to style Dried Herb? Leave your answer in the comments below, and be sure to check out Styling 101: Color Combinations for more color inspiration. 

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