Fashion-Fueled Reasons to be Excited About Cold Weather

There’s a whole boatload of reasons to be grumpy about the fact that autumn is here and winter is not far behind.

Each day, as you see the high temperature for the day dip by a degree or two, you feel yourself getting wistful about sandals, shorts and sunglasses as if these items were dear friends who will soon be moving far away, leaving you cold and alone.

One could argue, however, that cold weather offers more possibilities for stylish looks than warm weather does.  After all, when it’s a billion degrees out, there’s only so much you can put on.  But in the winter, you can layer, mix and match to your heart’s content.

So, before you launch into your “I Hate Winter” campaign this year, think about these great fashionable reasons to be totally psyched for cold weather this year…



Emilio Pucci FW15

Boots, glorious boots. Is there anything better than that one day in early October that you deem cool enough to warrant pulling out your favorite pair of leather boots?  It’s pretty much my favorite day of the year, and I’d bet it’s up there for you too.

This season go for:

  • Wrap-around styles that feature thin, decorative straps around your ankle.
  • Chunky 90s-inspired, Doc Martenesque styles reminiscent of Claire Danes, circa My So-Called Life.
  • Bold and sexy over-the-knee boots (likek those shown at Emilio Pucci FW15) that amp up any look.



Christopher Raeburn FW15

You might resent having to wear a coats less if you think of outwear as an opportunity to wear another gorgeous outfit over your outfit – you get two looks in one thanks to old Father Frost.

This season go for:

  • Cape coats that are at once wildly chic and comfortably casual, the perfect balance. Pieces from Christopher Raeburn’s FW15 collection are a great inspiration for these pieces. 
  • Duster jackets with long silhouettes are all the rage this winter and are an easy way to up the formal factor of you look.
  • Bold colored coats to break winter depression and challenge the idea that your coat should be a neutral color.



Versace FW15

There’s something adorably prep school and yet chic and sexy about the tights and dress look.  To be honest, it’s really the only way to wear skirts or dresses in the winter without being totally impractical and freezing your tush off, so we’re just happy that we have so many fun options to choose from this season.

This season go for:

  • Thigh-highs over nude or colored tights for a very sexy, layered look.
  • Detailed pairs (think Versace FW15) that feature multiple colors, designs or cool cutouts.
  • Fishnets that feature larger holes, like those shown at Proenza Schouler’s FW15 runway show, that go beyond the basic in colors other than black. 



Altuzarra FW15

Sweaters are the cuddliest garment in existence and when you find the right ones, they make you yearn for days that are cold enough to warrant their wear… luckily for you, those days are quickly on their way.

This season go for:

  • Super chunky knits are way in, so you’ll be absolutely in style when you opt for an uber cozy sweater this winter.
  • Lovely winter creams and pastels, like those featured at Altuzarra FW, pair beautifully with browns and winter white as they shed some light on your dark winter wardrobe.
  • Sweater dresses for an outfit that requires nothing more than a sweet pair of tights and boots.



J. Crew FW15

Long scarves, chunky scarves, fuzzy scarves, pompom scarves, flannel scarves…I could do this all day. Whether they are for style or function (hopefully both), the right scarf can make you look fabulous and feel downright cozy.

This season go for:

  • An oversized chunky knit piece in a neutral color, like those showcased at J.Crew’s FW15 presentation, is always a good idea because it can be thrown over anything. 
  • Blanket scarves… yes you, read that correctly. You can be on-trend and insanely comfy at the same time – plus there are tons of ways to wear them, so you can make it all your own.
  • Red tartan scarves that are both timeless and totally trendy for Fall/Winter 2015.



Ralph Lauren FW15

Not only is the hat a brilliant way to look great even when your hair doesn’t, it’s also a key accessory for keeping warm when those Polar Vortex temps start rolling through.  Basically it’s a win-win for style and practicality.

This season go for:

  • Wide-brimmed styles that harken back to the days when stylish women wouldn’t be seen out of the house without a sophisticated topper.
  • The classic French beret, which is having a moment.
  • Ralph Lauren FW15 is evidence that fur is hot (both literally and figuratively) this season. So, try a faux fur hat for a Russian princess look. 


You’re feeling better about the upcoming cold weather already, aren’t you?  With a few new cozy and fashionable items, you’ll be ready to stylishly embrace whatever weather comes your way.


What are your favorite cold weather fashion items? Leave your reply in the comment section below!

Liz Kores is a style blogger who has written for a wide variety of online fashion and lifestyle publications. Additionally, she’s a Chicago Fashion Incubator board member and the managing director of Oak Street Chicago, an association of designer boutiques, hotels and spas located in one of the best places to shop in Chicago.


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