Fashion Week Favs: FW16 Part One

As the fashion week coverage continues to pour into our social media feeds, we’ve had some time to reflect on some of our favorite FW16 collections. New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, held back to back, always bring a modern sophistication to the table and while there’s always an astonishing amount of fabulous collections at both, we were able to narrow down 10 of our favorites (no particular order).

Anyway, here’s part one of our favorite fashion week collections:

1. Zac Posen


Zac Posen FW16 Source: Vogue

Zac Posen, first and foremost, takes the crown at NYFW for making a fantastic statement. Not only was the clothing absolutely stunning (as usual), but it was primarily models of color that took to the runway at Zac Posen FW16. This was certainly refreshing, and we hope to see more diversity at future fashion week shows.

Old-hollywood glamour and bold hues – staples of the designer’s aesthetic – were evident in Posen’s FW16 collection. Needless to say, he killed it.

2. Diane von Furstenberg


Diane von Furstenberg FW16 Source: Vogue

Diane Von Furtsenberg switched things up this year. Opting for a presentation instead of a runway show, the brand that made the wrap-dress famous had today’s top models (Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, just to name a few) displaying its latest collection while casually dancing.

The FW16 collection features a much more edgier take on classic DVF pieces, which is sure to appeal to the brand’s younger demographic it’s trying to reach. We’re talking dark fur, gem tone prints and thigh-high boots. We approve.

3. Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs FW16 Source: Vogue

Talk about drama. Marc Jacobs is known for making a statement, and the brand’s FW16 collection didn’t disappoint. Models sported feathers, harsh and dramatic silhouettes, mixed textures and leather with facial piercings and extra-large smokey eyes.

While some of the pieces do somewhat veer into costume territory, they prove to be inspirational – something that fashion week can sometimes lack.

4. Marchesa


Marchesa FW16 Source: Vogue

Always a sight to behold, Marchesa did not disappoint with its FW16 collection. So regal. So feminine. So just, ugh. We don’t know how its really possible to pick one favorite piece from this collection as the entire presentation just fits so seamlessly and beautifully together.

Essentially, in the midst of all the craziness and frenzy of fashion week, Marchesa is the sort of brand that can keep you grounded in your appreciation for beautiful clothing.

5. Michael Kors


Michael Kors FW16 Source: Vogue

Michael Kors is known for not veering too far out if its comfort zone. Neutrals, metallics and subtle trends is what its customers like, and the brand delivers just that. However, for its FW6 collection, Michael Kors stepped it up a bit.

With Freja Beha Erichsen (an undoubtedly edgy choice) leading the pack, models took to the runway in low-key makeup and hair sporting bold, oversized coats; exaggerated preppy silhouettes; and new takes on classic fall pieces. Whatever prompted the change, we’re digging it and look forward to seeing the brand push boundaries even more.

6. Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen FW16 Source: Vogue

The Alexander McQueen collections always carry a subtle sexiness, artful sophistication and boundary-pushing edginess. The FW16 collection was no exception to this, as leather pieces with embroidery, large coats, lace details and strong accessories dominated the runway.

With tailoring and attention-to-detail on point, the collection featured a romanticized “McQueen” version of fall staples and current trends . Plus, with rumors circulating about Sarah Burton’s possible departure from McQueen (and appointment at Dior?), we think she’s really displaying fantastic work that will allow her to take her career to the next level, wherever that may be.

7. J. W. Anderson


J.W. Anderson FW16 Source: Vogue

Bringing a sense of playfulness to the London fashion week scene, J.W. Anderson displayed interesting silhouettes with pops of color for its FW16 runway show. While the ensembles may seem slightly impractical (ruffled skirts and puffy sleeves aren’t necessarily everyday wear), deconstructing and reworking them a bit makes pieces from the collection plausible for day-to-day fall/winter style.

Our favorite part of the collection? THOSE shoes. From heels with wide-leather straps to flats with pointed toes and embellishments, J.W. Anderson FW16’s footwear was on point, and we’re sure we’ll be seeing lower-price point copy-cats in the future.

8. Mary Katranzou


Mary Katranzou FW16 Source: Vogue

Topped with a head scarf and bright, bold lips, eclectic grandma-chic was the vibe of Mary Katranzou’s FW16 collection. Leopard print and unique shapes also played focal parts in many of the collection’s jackets, skirts and dresses.

However, as if there wasn’t already enough going on, the most interesting aspect of  Mary Katranzou FW16 was the mixed textures and structure. Rough moto jackets with flowy, pleated skirts and strong heels is definitely a styling trend we can get behind.

9. Burberry


Burberry FW16 Source: Vogue

Instead of using its runway presentation to give a glimpse of what’s to come, Burberry is now selling the items from its fashion shows immediately. This means the metallic, brocade and rich limes, purples and blues displayed in the brand’s 70’s-esque most recent collection – billed as February 2016 instead of FW16 – are available to purchase now. 

While several other designers are taking a similar approach this season, this is especially surprising for Burberry considering the brand’s attention to construction, rich heritage and cemented reputation in the industry. If the London-based powerhouse can make such a bold move, then whose next? And what does this mean for the industry? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

10. Peter Pilotto


Peter Pilotto FW16 Source: Vogue

Exuding some serious Anna and Elsa vibes, Peter Pilotto’s FW16 collection offered a new take on the brand’s print obsession. Pale pinks, blues, metallics atop abstract embroidery dominated the runway along with natural waves and washed-out makeup.

The brand also introduced subtle 70s-influenced pieces in the collection (is this a trend we’re spotting?) with billowy blouses, long skirts and dresses, and ankle booties.


What were your favorite FW16 collection from New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week? Let us know in the comment section below!

Also, stay tuned for our Fashion Week Favs Part 2 featuring Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week FW16 collection, coming soon. 

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