Noteworthy #052: Zara Launches Gender-Neutral Clothing Line

Zara has launched a new gender-neutral clothing line titled “Ungendered.”The line, which is currently available on Zara’s website, contains basic cotton and knit pieces that range from $15 to $50.

It’s awesome that  a fashion brand as big as Zara is producing gender-neutral clothing and trying to reach an important market. While there is a growing number of smaller, indie designers taking the leap into gender-neutral clothing, big brands have yet to make the same decision. Until now, that is.


“Ungendered” by Zara

However, while Zara’s contribution is definitely needed, it kind of really missed the mark. Why does gender-neutral clothing have to mean shapeless athletic wear and baggy jeans? Not that there’s anything wrong with the clothing per se, but nothing about Ungendered is even relatively exciting or thoughtful.

Obviously, no matter where you identify yourself on the gender spectrum, you can probably find comfort in what is essentially just sweats. These pieces have always been gender neutral. Zara repackaging its basics department and saying the items are now for every gender is actually more insulting than it is applaudable.


“Ungendered” by Zara

We understand that gender-neutral clothing can present a bit of a learning curve for fashion brands that have worked so hard to distinguish their men’s and ladies departments. However, Zara is know for creating really, cool fashionable pieces. So, let’s hope that the intention to create something stellar was there, and the brand blows us away the next time they decide to produce a gender-neutral collection.

What do you think of Zara’s new gender-neutral clothing line? Did they push boundaries enough or are they still playing it safe? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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