Links We Love 3/16

Every month, we roundup the best fashion/style/retail links we find on the web. Peep our picks from March below.

  1. Alexa Chung Gets to the Root of ‘Normcore,’ Her Least-Favorite Fashion Trend // Fahsionista

2. The Color Disconnect: Why Runway Hues Are Not in Consumers’ Closets // WWD

3. Kate Upton Highlights The Ridiculous Contrast Of Fashion Shoots Vs. Real Life // Refinery 29


Why Imitation Is Not The Sincerest Form Of Flattery // Vogue UK

4. Why Imitation Is Not The Sincerest Form Of Flattery // Vogue UK

5. Why Fashion’s ‘Pink Tax’ Means Women Pay More // Business of Fashion

6. The Curious Case of Men and Women’s Buttons // The Atlantic 

7. It’s Time to Ditch the Phrase “Real Women” // Style.Mic


Emily Schuman Talks Cupcakes and Cashmere // The Every Girl

8. Emily Schuman Talks Cupcakes and Cashmere // The Every Girl 

9. Fashionable movie: Blow Up // Dress to Kill Magazine 

10. Here’s What Happens When You Wear Giant JNCO Jeans In 2016 // BuzzFeed 

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