Noteworthy #056: Dictionary Recognizes “Athleisure”

Defined as “casual clothing designed to be worn for exercising and for general use,” “athleisure” has officially been added to the dictionary.

Given the incredibly large impact athleisure has had on the fashion industry, it’s not surprising that Merriam-Webstar, which recently added 1,400 more words to its roster, is taking notice.


Source: Racked

Most significantly, along with it just being really, kind of cool that athelsiure has finally hit the big leagues, (if you consider the dictionary to be “the big leagues”), the addition of the fashion-favorite term to the dictionary actually cements the strength of the health-centric movement.

As trendy and fleeting as asthleisure may have seemed when it first hit the runways and shopping mall shelves, it’s obvious that the comfortably, sporty style is here to stay. Exercising is becoming a crucial part of consumers lives, whether they actually do it or just like to pretend they do it, and designers that aren’t already catering to the crowd that subscribes to the dogma, are going to have to consider what kind of position that puts them in at some point.

Basically (TLDR), whenever you decide to wear your overly-priced compression leggings, sports bra, track jacket, etc. outside of the gym, you can justify it with the fact that your style is legitimized with a dictionary definition.

What are your thoughts on athleisure being added to the dictionary? What do you think the next fashion-term should be that’s added? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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