Noteworthy #065: Fashemon

Truth time: Despite embodying the exact definition of a 90s kid (gel pens, Lizzie McGuire, chokers, and The Spice Girls were definitely my jam back in the day), I never truly understood Pokémon. I remember having a dozen or so Pokémon cards that I would bring to school to attempt to fit in, but, in all honesty, the game just never clicked with me. So, I strived to collect cards for characters that I thought were the cutest, watched the movies, and called it a day.

However, a few weeks ago, when Pokémon Go revitalized the still popular Pokémon empire, I was a bit worried. Would I still feel lost or would I finally get it? I downloaded the app and was happy to discover that my love for staring at my phone screen did not fail me, and I actually really enjoyed the game. I’ve learned that Pokémon Go, and the way its inspired people to get outside and interact with others, is really cool. But you know what’s even cooler? Pokemon Go X fashion. Why? Because everything is better with a little fashion humor.


Stylight, a “shoppable inspiration” site, recently released a collection of fashion-inspired Pokémon illustrations (above) called Fashemon. With Charmander embodying Anna Wintour, aka Charwintour; Jiggylpuff as Suzy Menkes, aka Suzypuff; Pikachu as Cara Delevigne, aka Carachu; and more, the artistic interpretations are pretty spot on.

Aside from some server issues and other small hiccups, I definitely do love Pokémon Go for what it is. But, if I were to be able to, say, catch a Karl Lagertales outside of my office or a Jean Poliwag Gaultier when bar hopping, I may be inclined to play it even more than I already do.

As Stylite so eloquently puts it, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that Pokémon is back in a big way. Not only is the game fueling imagination by getting people outside and inspiring the creation of cool illustrations like Fashemon, but it’s also providing technology opportunities for businesses by taking advantage of the app to attract more customers to their stores. So, whether its cool images or retailers using the app to make sales, we’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of Pokémon X fashion.

Header image: Stylite

To view more Fashemon illustrations, visit

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