Noteworthy #068: The Ripper

In what I hope to be one of the better fashion-focused films released in recent years, a new biopic chronicling the tumultuous relationship of Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow is said to be in the works. According to Vanity Fair, the film, titled The Ripper, is being produced by Maven Pictures, and plot details and casting are being developed.

Blow, a fashion editor who served as a muse, confidant, and advocate of McQueen after witnessing the talent that was his 1992 Saint Martins graduate collection show, was the inspiration for a number of his more zany and artistic clothing creations. Together, they bounced off of each other to push creative limits and sartorial boundaries.

the ripper

Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow in the March 1997 issue of Vanity Fair. Photographed by David LaChapelle for the March 1997 issue.

However, despite the harmonious foundation of their friendship, the duo wasn’t always in sync. The more McQueen’s designs reached a main stream level of success (subsequently leading to his appointment at Givenchy), the higher the tension grew in his and Blow’s relationship.

Throughout the years though, they both continued to speak openly on both their affection and frustrations towards one another, and, after Blow commit suicide in 2007, it’s said that McQueen’s subsequent RTW runway show in spring 2008 payed homage to her.

While The Ripper won’t be the first film to explore Blow and McQueen (a McQueen biopic is also currently in the works), it’s a welcome addition to the collection of media that’s attempted to tell the tale of such an eclectic friendship. Whatever angle the film decides to take, it’s certainly clear that there’s no lack of stories, misadventures, or hardships to tell when it comes to this relationship.

Are you excited for The Ripper? What moments do you hope to see captured by the film? Share your thoughts below! 

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