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Remember way back in January when I posted about my New Year Resolutions? One of my resolutions this year was to be a “healthy human being,” a.k.a. get off the couch and stop consuming chips at an alarming rate. Although I don’t usually accomplish a majority of my resolutions, I managed to stick with this one. Along with a number of exercise programs and classes I’ve tried over the past 10 months, I signed up for my very first race— The Detroit Free Press American Home Fitness 5K — which takes place this Saturday.

Growing up, I participated in a variety of sports. From soccer, ballet, boxing, and cheerleading, I loved being active. Then came college, and internships, and Netflix, and (unsurprisingly) my attention span for physical activity grew short.

I made the conscious decision to sign up for the 5K because I knew it would require me to set a fitness goal and follow through. So far, it’s worked. Even though it’s forced me to change some of my more lazy habits, I’ve managed to get out of the house most days of the week and go for some form of a run. (Sometimes it’s more of a jog or a fast walk, but it’s the effort that count’s, right?) Up until recently, I’d been running in a mixture of sweats from high school and bargain bin exercise clothes. While it is possible to work out in just about anything, there’s no denying the power and flexibility that proper athletic apparel can really have, especially when you have a penchant for good looking clothes.

So, when the opportunity to partner with Lululemon Athletica came up, I was definitely excited to test out the company’s products and see how they could help with my race and fitness style.



The sales associate at my local Lululemon store, which set me up with my gifted pieces*, was super knowledgable on the proper fit and fabric to look for in running clothes. I learned how important it was to have versatile athletic clothing that allow you to move freely, like the Rush Hour Jacket, Swiftly Tech LS Crew, and the Inspire Tight II. These pieces feature fabric technology geared toward making your run more comfortable, and design details that allow you to easily transition between a variety of weather conditions.

Specifically, the Rush Hour Jacket’s water-repellent Glyde fabric offers a lightweight protection from rain and wind, while the Swiftly Tech LS Crew mesh venting encourages airflow to keep you cool while you run.

However, my favorite piece from Lululemon right now is the Inspire Tight II. These pants fit like a glove, and they feel like absolutely nothing when you run. Aside from how comfortable they are, I also enjoy the amount of pockets they have and mesh inserts along the calf. Plus, I feel like they match my personal style enough to wear for a post-workout grocery store visit, quick coffee run, or trip to my grandma’s house.



Equally important, your undergarments provide the necessary support that’s needed to help you concentrate on what matters most — your run. Lululemon’s Energy Bra is made from Luxtreme, which is a fabric with four-way stretch and sweat-wicking technology, and lycra. These qualities allow the bra to be comfortable and flexible while still keeping everything secure.

Accessories — Lululemon’s and High Speed Sock, and Run With Me Ear Warmer and Gloves — are also super handy for having a successful run. Although I knew my race was in mid-October when I signed up, I didn’t even fathom how cold it could really be at this time of year. (My race starts at 9 a.m. and the route is located along the Detroit Riverfront). Needless to say, it’s about to be really cold. So, I definitely appreciate any extra support to compensate for the lack of heat.


If you were to tell me a year ago that I’d be willingly running three miles on a Saturday morning, let alone signing up for a race, I wouldn’t believe you. That’s the funny thing about goals. They seems so unattainable when you first set them. Yet, when they begin to manifest it’s hard to imagine why you didn’t tackle them sooner.
I fully understand that there isn’t one piece of clothing that can really transform my athletic performance. However,  feeling comfortable in what I do is important to me. Unsurprisingly, stylish athletic apparel gives me the motivation to get off the couch and reach my goals. Find what works for you, and stick with it.

Q&A – Terra Castro: Lululemon Ambassador, Owner of Be Bold Crew and Detroit Body Garage 

Along with helping me gear up for my big race, Lululemon also connected me with Terra Castro, one of the company’s Detroit area ambassadors, and the owner of Be Bold Crew and Detroit Body Garage. Castro answered a few questions about what to expect during a 5K, tips for running, and how to stay motivated. View her answers below and be sure to check her out on social media, here, here, and here.
TSN: What are some of your tips for beginner runners? Any tricks for staying motivated when you have a lazy day?
  • Write your goals down. Make them visible. Tape them to your bathroom mirror. Know why you are doing it!
  • Join a run group: There is nothing like accountability to keep you motivated. Meeting your friends or a training group that you pay for is a great way to have fun but also get your butt out the door when you’d rather go to happy hour or lay on the couch in your pjs.
  • Sometimes you will need to embrace the lazy days. We need to learn to rest well and allow our bodies time to recharge. We aren’t super human so we need to learn to listen in.
TSN: What are the best foods to fuel you for a run?
  • Pre run: Make sure to not eat too close to your run to prevent potty issues. If it’s a morning run, a bagel with some peanut butter goes a long way, or even a banana, or Lunabar
  • During run: Stick to simple training foods like Clif Bloks or Clilf Shots for quick energy that’s easy to digest.
  • Post run: Make sure you get in a good recovery food. You want a protein + carb super combo!
TSN: What special features should runners look for when purchasing athletic apparel?
  • You want to make sure you feel comfortable and clothing doesn’t “chafe” or rid up in weird areas.
  • I swear by the Lululemon All The Right Places crops and tights
  • You also want to have a good running bra. I have run my ultras in the Lululemon Run: Stuff Your Bra.
  • Head to a run specialty store for proper fitting shoes. Your shoes should be at least a half size bigger then your “dress” shoes.
TSN: What are some things those new to 5Ks should remember while participating in their first race? 
  • Remember you are doing this for fun! Enjoy the process. Focus on one mile at a time. Take time to celebrate accomplishing your bold goal.


Well, there you have it. I’ve got my gear, solid advice from a fitness expert, and somewhat of a positive attitude. Wish me luck!

Photographs by Nicholas Sudduth

* Lululemon items in this article were gifted by the company. For more information and clarification on The Style Note‘s process for partnering with brands, please click here.

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