Noteworthy #070: Comme des Garçons’ Designer Rei Kawakubo x Met Gala

As discussed last spring, the Met Gala is kinda a really big deal when it comes to fashion. Luckily, guests who show up dressed to the nines will have plenty of time to prep for next year’s soiree. Comme des Garçons’ Designer Rei Kawakubo has been announced as the theme of the 2017 fashion event, and I can’t wait to judge everybody’s outfits from the comfort of my home.

Of course, though, along with the theme setting the precedent for what looks will be worn and photographed for the 2017 gala, it also marks the focus of the museum’s coinciding exhibit. This year’s show, according to Time magazine, will feature 120 womenswear pieces by Rei Kawakubo, who founded Comme des Garçons’ in 1973, starting from the brand’s first 1980 runway collection until today.

Rei Kawakubo

Comme des Garçons’, which is French for “Like Boys,” has always exuded an uninhibited sense of creativity. Some of the most stand-out pieces from the brand’s past runways collections have flirted with avant-garde silhouettes and what conventional fashion can be. Pushing boundaries season after season, the brand is no stranger to playing with design, structure, and artistry, making it (and Kawakubo) a perfect fit for a solo show.

According to The New York Times, with the announcement of the new theme, Rei Kawakubo will become the second living designer (after Yves Saint Laurent in the 80s) to have their own exhibit at the museum. This in of itself is a huge reason to be stoked for this year’s Met Gala and show. Paying homage to such a relevant modern designer who has such a large design portfolio behind them will give the exhibit coordinators a ton to work with, and I can’t wait to watch it come to life.

Are you excited for this year’s Met Gala? What theme would you like to be selected? Share your thoughts in the comment section!  

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