Noteworthy #073: Cheetos Goes Chic?

In what seems more like an Onion article, Cheetos has released a new line of fashion products. Yes, that’s correct. The crunchy, cheesy snack with a cheetah mascot is creating #fashun.

Cheesy qualities aside (haha), a select few of the pieces in the snack brand’s collection are surprisingly good and wearable. The orange cheetah jewelry pieces and the Cheetos bag leggings (both pictured below) are prime examples. While the items are, well, “out there,” they’re still able to be styled in appropriate ways for daily wear. For those that are more daring or just absolutely love Cheetos, the Big Cat Nap Sack and Big Cat Nap Cap — try saying that five times fast —  is definitely a style risk. Yet, the piece (pictured above) is full of personality and bound to be a conversation starter.



The style efforts by the brand are certainly funny, but they could also be a smart move. The fashion crowd may not seem like an obvious choice at first for a snack food that’s known for coating fingers in orange whenever people eat it. However, just over the last year, there’s been a surge in fashionable (and popular) celebrities, such as Katy Perry, Rhianna, and Kim Kardashian, showing their devotion to Cheetos. With celebrity social influence being so powerful, it makes sense that the brand would try to appeal to fashionistas as a potential new customer base, even if it is satirical.

The designs are going fast, and most of the pieces are already sold out. However, if you act quickly you might still be able to snatch up Chester Cheetah’s High Top Slippers or Toilet Paw-Per.

To learn more and purchase pieces from the Cheetos collection, click here

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