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One of the first few things you learn in school, along with not forgetting to pack your lunch money, is that “copying” others is a bad thing to do. As an a elementary student, you probably tried looking off a classmate’s test at one point or “borrowed” the concept of a talented student’s art project for your own creation, and quickly learned that was not the route to take in life. Being a “copy cat” was easily one of the worst labels you could get stuck with, and a lot of kids were smart enough to just not take credit for another person’s ideas. Seems simple. Right? Well, clearly, if the Diet Prada Instagram account is any indication, that life lesson hasn’t made it’s way to a large portion of fashion designers.

The Diet Prada account is a social media gem. The concept is direct — “people knocking each other off lol” — and the execution is on point. Throughout the account you’ll find posts that pull from vintage runway shows, indie designer lookbooks, archived fashion photos, and more. Among the more than 400 photos posted on the account so far are images comparing Gucci runway beauty to a Pat McGrath editorial, a YSL puffy sleeve to a similar-style Balenciaga shoe, and a floral Preen dress to collections by Vetements, Céline, and Dior.

diet prada

Source: Diet Prada

diet prada

Source: Diet Prada

On top of that, the captions are killer. Take the picture directly above, which was posted today. The commentary reads: “UGH I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF DOING SOMETHING AND THEN CELINE I MEAN @TIBI RESORT LAUNCHED,” followed by hashtags such as #hatersgonnasay#itsnotaknockoff #butitis.

While the account is clearly fun and creative, it also touches on an important point of interest, which is that many designers look towards (and sometimes knock off) others when creating. It’s crucial to be inspired by other designers and constantly reinvent old techniques. Some of the best garments and concepts are born out of collaboration, and there should probably be more conversations in design education about how to properly reinterpret trends and designer looks for a new audience. But sometimes stealing is just, well, stealing, and that’s a problem.

Main image: Diet Prada 

Have you ever noticed any of the knock offs featured on the Diet Prada Instagram page? Share your comments below! 

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