The Fashion Massacre 7

fashion massacre 7

The Fashion Massacre, an annual Detroit-based fashion presentation now in its 7th year, isn’t like most fashion events. With its unique approach to style,the presentation brings nonconventional, high-fashion flair to the Motor City as well as an opportunity for local, “underground” designers to showcase their work. This year, I had the opportunity to attend two of the three days […]

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5 Takeaways From The Michigan Fashion Summit

Michigan Fashion Summit

When I registered for the Michigan Fashion Summit, I didn’t know what to expect. Having lived out of state for the past couple years while going to school and working in Chicago, I’ve missed quite a few of the local fashion events including Michigan Fashion Week, which is the enterprise that created the summit. Yet, I […]

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Style Chicago’s Art of Fashion Runway Show 2015

art-of-fashion I

There is a reason Chicago is not consider a fashion powerhouse. Not because the city lacks style sense or trendiness, but as showcased during Style Chicago’s annual Art of Fashion runway show on Oct. 9, local designers can sometimes lack the same creative innovation as competing, bigger fashion brands.   However, with that being said, […]

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Teen Vogue Fashion University 2015

teen-vogue-fashion-university I

Teen Vogue Fashion University is an absolutely surreal event. Surrounded by 500 fellow young fashion professionals and learning from the best in the industry in New York City, the weekend event can sometimes seem more like a dream. Luckily though, it’s not. So, when I got the chance to attend Teen Vogue Fashion University a […]

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House of MODA Spring Fashion Show 2015

house-of-moda I

Sometimes looked down upon as being sub-par and predictable, student fashion often gets a bad wrap. However, there can be a sense of beauty in student fashion that you won’t find in the collections of seasoned designers. Despite their possible lack of attention to technical details, their innocence helps them make risks that are surprising, fashion-forward […]

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The Art of Fashion SS15: Swaby


Swaby took modern elegance to a whole new level at the Art of Fashion SS15 runway show. Sticking to a neutral color palette of different shades of nudes, taupe and black, the Chicago based brand still managed to make quite an impact. From figure flattering dresses, cardigans, and new takes on classic jacket silhouettes, Swaby displayed a […]

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The Art of Fashion SS15: Voyeur By Vex

Voyeur By Vex was the first designer brand to show at Style Chicago‘s Art of Fashion runway on October 17, 2014. The sister brand of Vex clothing, Voyeur By Vex  is a Chicago staple created byLaura Petrielli-Pulice that artfully combines latex with more traditional fabrics. As the opener of the show the brand had a lot to […]

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Bigger, Better, Bolder: Fashion In Detroit 2014


The lights dimmed and  a giant countdown appeared on the screens surrounding the runway. Ten minutes flashed, then 9:59, 9:58, 9:57, as it counted down, anticipation growing. Show goers took to their seats, getting out their phones and cameras to ensure they’d be prepared to photograph the exact moment when the models started walking the runway. This was Fashion In […]

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