Fashion Week Favs: FW16 Part One


As the fashion week coverage continues to pour into our social media feeds, we’ve had some time to reflect on some of our favorite FW16 collections. New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, held back to back, always bring a modern sophistication to the table and while there’s always an astonishing amount of fabulous […]

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What’s Up with Celebrity Designers?

Celebrity designers

Fashion week is no stranger to spectacle. Alexander McQueen infamously orchestrated epic performances at his fashion week shows, Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld continue to bring intricate themes to life at their respective shows and newcomers, such as Mary Katranzou, are brining a new air of creativity and flair to the runway with their collections. Over-the-top […]

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What to Wear?: Valentine’s Day Accessories

Valentine's Day Accessories

Valentine’s Day is almost here and whether you’re off on a first date, romantic outing or heading out for the night with a group of friends, you want to be dressed to impress. With so much hype for the holiday, the ‘what should I wear?’ dilemma is a hard one to figure out. Guessing what […]

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Workplace Wardrobe: Keeping it Stylish at the Office

workplace wardrobe

I like working in an office, for the most part. Having what others consider “a big girl job” is pretty cool for a lot of different reasons. I have two computer screens, answer emails, go to meetings, and I genuinely enjoy the work I do on a day-to-day basis. I consider myself to be insanely fortunate. Yet, as […]

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The Best of Fashion 2015


2016 may have just started, but it wouldn’t seem right to begin the new year without at least celebrating some of our favorite things from the last one. Fashion 2015: trends, collabs and favorite moments came and went (as they always do), and we were lucky enough to have your assistance in picking out the best […]

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Links We Love 7/15

links I

Every month, we roundup the best fashion/style/retail links we find on the web. Peep our picks for July below. 1. Things You Only Know When You’ve Worked in Retail // Vice UK 2. Fur is Back in Fashion and Debate // New York Times  3. Meet Amanda Sanchez, Chanel’s Most Influential Model That You’ve Likely Never […]

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New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 RTW

new-york-fashion-week I

New York Fashion Week is always full of impressive moments. The energy is palpable whether you’re there for the action or not. Luckily with the help of social media and extensive coverage by digital publications, we were able to scope out the trends, looks and best (and worst) designers pretty easily. We went ahead and […]

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A Closet Full of Ex-Lovers


We all have relationships with fashion. For better or worse, just like our real relationships, fashion is a part of our lives. Just like relationships, the fashion of yesterdays past can be separated into two categories: The Exes and The Lovers. You can feel it in your gut when you encounter bad style. Sometimes we […]

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Treat Yo Self With These 14 Valentine’s Day Gifts


Everyone’s favorite/least favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day, is quickly approaching. Maybe you’re excited for the holiday, and have a super special evening planned with a super special person. Or, perhaps you’re bummed out because you’re dateless, having to once again celebrate with your cats and a Netflix binge while your mom reassures you over the phone […]

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10 Trends To Ditch In 2015


2014 was one Hell of a year. As far as fashion goes, a ton of great trends came and went (as illustrated in our Best of Fashion 2014). However, not every fashion moment was the best. From over-done beauty techniques, the resurgence of bad 90s clothing and “ugly-fashion” taking center stage, 2014 had quite a few moments I’d […]

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