Noteworthy #064: Parsons Student Designs Fashion Line to Aid Refugees


Fashion is reflective of the world around us, and everybody requires different clothing that suits the environment and situations they face on a daily basis. Refugees, specifically Syrian refugees, encounter a very unique set of circumstances that many of us who are born in the U.S. will never have to experience. With the Syrian Civil War still rampant, […]

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Noteworthy #061: Kenzo X H&M Collection Announced


The wait is over – Kenzo has been announced as the next designer collaboration for fast-fashion retailer H&M. The collaborative collection is set to debut in H&M stores and online on Nov. 3 and will include menswear, womenswear and accessories. With previous H&M designer partnerships including the likes of Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Versace, and, […]

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Noteworthy #060: Prada, Forever 21, More Lack Transparency


Ethical shoppers – listen up! The Fashion Revolution, an organization that supports and encourages sustainable and ethical practices in the fashion industry, recently released its 2016 Fashion Transparency Index, which reveals that some of the most popular fashion brands aren’t nearly as transparent as they should be. According to the report, big-name brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Prada, Forever […]

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Noteworthy #058: PETA Becomes Prada Shareholder


It’s no surprise that Prada loves fur and leather, and it’s also not shocking that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals does not. Further pushing its opposition to the Italian fashion brand’s use of ostrich skin, PETA has bought shares in the brand with the intention to call for an end to all exotic […]

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Noteworthy #057: The First Monday in May

first monday in may

The First Monday in May. to some it may be just another day, but to others it’s the date of the most important night in fashion: the Met Gala. Now, The First Monday in May is also the name of a documentary on the infamous fashion event. Capturing all the planning and hard work it takes to […]

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Noteworthy #056: Dictionary Recognizes “Athleisure”


Defined as “casual clothing designed to be worn for exercising and for general use,” “athleisure” has officially been added to the dictionary. Given the incredibly large impact athleisure has had on the fashion industry, it’s not surprising that Merriam-Webstar, which recently added 1,400 more words to its roster, is taking notice. Most significantly, along with […]

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Noteworthy #055: Piñatex

While real leather can be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, there’s no denying how unattractive the conditions it takes to make it are. Textile professionals have churned out various versions of cruelty free leather over the years, but Piñatex, a recently released leather alternative made from pineapple leaves, is certainly one of the most innovative. Backed by Ananas Anam, […]

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