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Style Secrets: Studying Your Look

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No, first impressions (or any sort of impression) are not everything; and yes, you should wear whatever the hell you want. BUT if curating your closet and daily outfits, getting a better understanding about who you are as a person, consciously deciding where your money is going, etc. are even remotely interesting to you then studying your […]

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Style Secrets: Reorganizing Your Closet

One of the most exciting things about going shopping is seeing brilliant new visual layouts. These masterful displays keep the stores you walk into fresh and interesting, and can sometimes even inspire new outfit decisions. Your closet, which holds your own personal collection of clothing, is like a store in a lot of ways and can also […]

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Style This Now: Tibi Off-The-Shoulder Top

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As beautiful as the weather can be in the summer, we absolutely hate being hot and sweaty. It’s uncomfortable, gross and makes our clothes feel like they’re suffocating us. Naturally, our distaste for this uncomfortableness makes us turn to creative solutions when picking new pieces for our wardrobe. We like to find items that won’t attract […]

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Style Secrets: Be Inspired

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Unlike the old saying, inspiration really can come cheap. Well, fashion inspiration that is. Whenever you’re feeling less than excited about your wardrobe and styling choices, be resourceful and allow yourself to be inspired by your surroundings. Magazines are an obvious choice for serious style inspiration. Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and even men’s magazines, like GQ […]

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Style This Now: & Other Stories Chunky Heeled Sandals

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We’ve been keeping a close eye on & Other Stories ever since it came stateside. The sister company to H&M is making a huge impression in the fashion world, and we’re not surprised. Recently, while scoping out some of their latest merchandise, we fell in love with their Chunky Heeled Sandals. With a subtle open toe, […]

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4 Ways To Wear Black In Spring

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It’s spring and I’m depressed. This feels so wrong. I love spring. I love knowing the heat is coming and I’ll have to worry about my tattoos fading (even though I don’t really care), and there will be outdoor festivals and I will be drunk. But it’s spring and I’m depressed. And when I am […]

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Style This Now: Keepsake We Run It Wide-Leg Pant


It may still be -6 degrees, but we’re already preparing for spring fashion. If you’re like us and can’t wait for the warmer months ahead, then we highly suggest adding the Keepsake We Run It Wide-Leg Pant from Nasty Gal to your wardrobe. Echoing the darker sentiments of winter and the lighter side of spring with an […]

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Style This Now: Club Monaco Huette Skirt


As the colder weather months unfortunately progress, it can become increasingly difficult to find the motivation to “dress up.” Why would you want to make yourself presentable when you’re already super cozy in your fleeced lined leggings and Senior year hoodie? We too often “give up” when it comes to winter fashion, because it’s easy […]

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Style This Now: Glamorous Fringe Coat

It’s easy to blend into the crowd of bleak outerwear. However, why fit in when standing out can be so fun? The Glamorous Fringe Coat is a prime example of a unique piece that can help elevate your winter wardrobe. With layers of black and white fringe creating a fur like texture, this creative coat […]

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