The Dark Side of Fashion

I’m frightened super easily. I’m the type of person who is paranoid literally for weeks after watching a scary movie, sleeps with the lights on when I’m home alone and goes into a slight panic whenever anybody makes a loud sudden noise. I’m not superstitious or particularly cautious because of any adversaries; i’m just a […]

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Bigger, Better, Bolder: Fashion In Detroit 2014


The lights dimmed and  a giant countdown appeared on the screens surrounding the runway. Ten minutes flashed, then 9:59, 9:58, 9:57, as it counted down, anticipation growing. Show goers took to their seats, getting out their phones and cameras to ensure they’d be prepared to photograph the exact moment when the models started walking the runway. This was Fashion In […]

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Color Theory: Radiant Orchid

Inspired by the unexpected success of the Color Combinations article I posted last winter and countless follow up questions I’ve since received on how to dress using color theory principals, I’ve decided to start a new segment on The Style Note entitled: Color Theory. Although I think that’s a straightforward enough title, let me explain. […]

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Noteworthy #020: Shinola’s First Fashion Campaign

I was beyond stoked when I learned that Shionla, the Detroit based hand crafted watch, leather goods and bike brand, had released it’s first fashion campaign. Shot by fashion photographer Bruce Weber,  the campaign is city centric and the brand’s infamous “all-American” vibe is extremely prevalent. The campaign captures striking photo and video as a […]

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