Fall 2016 Wish List

fall 2016

In my spare time, between working Monday through Friday, running this site, maintaining a somewhat normal eating and sleeping schedule, and attempting to have a social life, I’ve found plenty of time to peruse sites I shouldn’t be looking at for items that are definitely not in my budget. What can I say? I’ve been […]

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Noteworthy #067: Shop Art Theft

shop art theft

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have declared yourself free of the grips of fast-fashion (more power to you), there’s a pretty big chance that you’ve heard about the indie artists who are claiming that Zara has ripped off their designs. While these sort of accusations are nothing new, the creation of Shop Art Theft, […]

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Links We Love 7/16

Every month, we roundup the best fashion/style/retail links we find on the web. Peep our picks from July below. Op-Ed | Luxury Goods Have Lost Their Shine // Business of Fashion  2. Rise of the Interns: Mattie Cragin, PR Specialist for Lululemon // The Every Girl  3. Models Walked on Water at Fendi’s 90-year Anniversary Show […]

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Noteworthy #066: Pure Human

Pure Human

In a more creative and slightly Frankenstein-esque approach to textile design, a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins has constructed a line of leather goods inspired by the late Alexander McQueen’s skin. According to Allure, designer Tina Gorjanc’s project — appropriately named Pure Human — mixes biotech and fashion in a rather interesting way. In an effort to […]

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Noteworthy #065: Fashemon


Truth time: Despite embodying the exact definition of a 90s kid (gel pens, Lizzie McGuire, chokers, and The Spice Girls were definitely my jam back in the day), I never truly understood Pokémon. I remember having a dozen or so Pokémon cards that I would bring to school to attempt to fit in, but, in […]

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Must-Haves: Cold Shoulders


The off the shoulder, peak-a-boo shoulder, bare shoulder, whatever you want to call it, trend, is certainly one of the biggest of the summer. Shoulders are taking center stage this season, and I, for one, am all about it. A hint of a shoulder can be a subtly sexy way to show a little skin […]

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Noteworthy #064: Parsons Student Designs Fashion Line to Aid Refugees


Fashion is reflective of the world around us, and everybody requires different clothing that suits the environment and situations they face on a daily basis. Refugees, specifically Syrian refugees, encounter a very unique set of circumstances that many of us who are born in the U.S. will never have to experience. With the Syrian Civil War still rampant, […]

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Links We Love 6/16

Every month, we roundup the best fashion/style/retail links we find on the web. Peep our picks from June below. Wearing Your Emotions on Your Sleeve // Racked  2. Louis Vuitton’s Androgynous Muse Talks Gender Fluidity and Fashion // Vogue  3. See What The ‘Cool People’ Are Wearing In Four Cities In Africa // NPR 4. How to Look Great […]

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Remembering Bill Cunningham

Growing up with an obsession for everything related to print media and fashion, Bill Cunningham’s weekly On The Street column in The New York Times was a beacon of light among the black and white newspaper print and the day-to-day routine of suburban Detroit. Before I even knew who he really was, and his long legacy […]

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