Noteworthy #073: Cheetos Goes Chic?

In what seems more like an Onion article, Cheetos has released a new line of fashion products. Yes, that’s correct. The crunchy, cheesy snack with a cheetah mascot is creating #fashun. Cheesy¬†qualities¬†aside (haha), a select few of the pieces in the snack brand’s collection are surprisingly good and wearable. The orange cheetah jewelry pieces and the Cheetos bag leggings (both…


Noteworthy #072: DoneGood Ethical Shopping Tool

With limited time, patience, and knowledge, it can sometimes be difficult to make shopping ethically a priority. However, whether you’re searching for a new pair of shoes, an outfit for a New Year’s Eve party, or a holiday gift for that special someone, supporting companies with a philanthropic and/or sustainable¬†mission is crucial. DoneGood, a free Google Chrome extension, aims to…


Noteworthy #071: Wooln Handmade Knitwear

You just have to look to the runways, shopping malls, and Etsy shops to know that there isn’t a short supply of knitwear companies. However, Wooln, a New York City-based company, is differentiating itself by hiring mostly retired women to craft its handmade luxury knit pieces. Founders of the company, Faustine and Margaux Badrichani, handle the business end of Wooln,…