Noteworthy #058: PETA Becomes Prada Shareholder


It’s no surprise that Prada loves fur and leather, and it’s also not shocking that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals does not. Further pushing its opposition to the Italian fashion brand’s use of ostrich skin, PETA has bought shares in the brand with the intention to call for an end to all exotic […]

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Links We Love 4/16

Every month, we roundup the best fashion/style/retail links we find on the web. Peep our picks from April below. Is Larry David the Style Icon We Need? // Racked  2. Andy’s Friends In “The Devil Wears Prada” Were The Fucking Worst // Buzzfeed  3. Colour Nerds Rejoice, Pantone Has Dropped a SS16 Footwear Collection // Fashion Journal 4. Introducing […]

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7 Ways to Channel the Legendary Style of Prince

prince - style

Prince was undoubtedly one of history’s most brilliant musical geniuses, but music was far from his only artistic accomplishment. In addition to being a wildly talented filmmaker and actor, Prince was always known as a true style icon. Over the span of his nearly 40-year career, he never stopped pushing the boundaries of fashion and […]

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Noteworthy #057: The First Monday in May

first monday in may

The First Monday in May. to some it may be just another day, but to others it’s the date of the most important night in fashion: the Met Gala. Now, The First Monday in May is also the name of a documentary on the infamous fashion event. Capturing all the planning and hard work it takes to […]

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Noteworthy #056: Dictionary Recognizes “Athleisure”


Defined as “casual clothing designed to be worn for exercising and for general use,” “athleisure” has officially been added to the dictionary. Given the incredibly large impact athleisure has had on the fashion industry, it’s not surprising that Merriam-Webstar, which recently added 1,400 more words to its roster, is taking notice. Most significantly, along with […]

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5 Takeaways From The Michigan Fashion Summit

Michigan Fashion Summit

When I registered for the Michigan Fashion Summit, I didn’t know what to expect. Having lived out of state for the past couple years while going to school and working in Chicago, I’ve missed quite a few of the local fashion events including Michigan Fashion Week, which is the enterprise that created the summit. Yet, I […]

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Fashion Week Favs: FW16 Part Two


After recouping from the madness that is fashion month, I’ve had some time to really evaluate the Milan and Paris FW16 fashion shows. While New York and London FW16 shows left me stoked about outwear and dresses, the bold separates and details from the Milan and Paris collections leave me inspired. Milan and Paris are known […]

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Building a Capsule Wardrobe

capsule wardrobe

I first realized I had a slight ‘situation’ on my hands back in December 2015. It was party season, and just like anyone else I had events to attend but found myself lacking wardrobe inspiration. Feeling like this was fairly unusual on my part, I started looking back at the last few months, and realized […]

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Links We Love 3/16


Every month, we roundup the best fashion/style/retail links we find on the web. Peep our picks from March below. Alexa Chung Gets to the Root of ‘Normcore,’ Her Least-Favorite Fashion Trend // Fahsionista 2. The Color Disconnect: Why Runway Hues Are Not in Consumers’ Closets // WWD 3. Kate Upton Highlights The Ridiculous Contrast Of Fashion Shoots Vs. […]

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Tips & Tricks for Accessorizing


Chosen carefully, accessorizing can transform any outfit into a fabulous fashion statement that will turn all heads in your direction. From scarves, to gloves, to shoes and not to mention jewelry, the possibilities are truly endless. When it comes to accessorizing there aren’t really any rules. Well, except the first rule, which is to never talk […]

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