Fashion Week Favs: FW17 Part Two

Following stellar shows in New York and London, the second half of FW17 fashion month also displayed similar trends. Primary red and yellow hues were prominent at a number of shows as well as political inspiration, which included everything from subtle word play to more overt signs of solidarity. Creativity is always rampant in Milan and Paris, and narrowing down my…


Noteworthy #076: NYFW Runway Animation

As I continue to wrap up my coverage of FW17 fashion month (I promise part two — Milan and Paris — will be posted soon!), I’ve come across a lot of cool commentary and projects associated with the stylish event. Specifically, right now I’m semi-obsessed with the work by  Julie Winegard, who was commissioned by NYFW and greeting card/stationary company…

supreme court

Noteworthy #075: Supreme Court Weighs in on Fashion Design Copyrights

Remember a few months back when Supreme Court Justice Stephen Beyer’s comment on fashion — “The clothes on the hanger do nothing. The clothes on the woman do everything. And that is, I think, what fashion is about.” — went viral? Well, the verdict from the case that made that quote famous is in, and fashion insiders are having a…